The image symbolizes the authentic self and its connection to the universe, merging human introspection with a psychedelic cosmos to reflect the profound journey of self-discovery and cosmic unity.

“Psychedelics are one of many tools that continues to support me in connecting with my authentic self, fueling transformation in ways I never could have imagined.”

Miranda Vires

A Journey of Aligned Authenticity Through Practical Wisdom and Psychedelic Insights


Have you ever felt like you’re searching for something more in life, yet you can’t quite grasp what it is? It’s like a part of you is missing, hidden beneath layers you’ve unconsciously donned. This subtle sense of unfulfillment, often unnoticed, can be a sign that we’re living out of authentic alignment and behind masks.

These masks, crafted for survival and societal acceptance, can unfortunately distance us from our true selves. Furthermore, they leave us yearning for an authentic connection, not only with others but with ourselves.

In this journey of self-exploration, we often ignore the whispering of our authentic selves, drowned out by the loud voices of societal norms and expectations.

Consequently, we find ourselves playing roles that don’t align with our inner truths.

The impact?

A life that, while seemingly successful on the outside, feels hollow and unfulfilling within.

This blog invites you to delve into what lies beneath these masks. Together, we’ll discover the essence of what you’re truly seeking – your authentic self.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” Carl Jung

The Facade of Masking

Masking is an art so deeply ingrained in our daily lives that we often don’t recognize it.

It appears in the simplest of gestures – the automatic “I’m fine” response when we’re anything but, the roles we play to maintain harmony, and the personas we adopt to fit into societal molds.

However, this constant endeavor to please others and meet external standards leads to a profound disconnection from who we truly are.

The masks we wear serve as armor against judgment, rejection, or pain.

Yet, they also shroud our true identities, creating barriers that prevent us from living a life that truly resonates with our core selves. Moreover, this dissonance can significantly impact every aspect of our lives, from personal relationships to our overall happiness.

Recognizing and understanding the masks we wear is the first step toward reclaiming our authenticity and finding true fulfillment.

An authentic psychedelic tree with intertwined roots and branches, symbolizing deep connection and personal growth, bathed in a radiant spectrum of blues, greens, and purples.</p>

Roots of Our Masks

The roots of our masks often stem from deep within our past experiences and societal influences.

From a young age, society, culture, and family shape our perceptions and behaviors, leading us to adopt masks as a means of protection or acceptance.

These masks are born from a combination of learned behaviors, societal expectations, and our responses to past traumas. Understanding the origin of these masks is crucial to our journey towards authenticity.

These masks, while initially adopted for protection or fitting in, can become barriers to our true potential.

They hinder our ability to form deep connections, pursue our genuine passions, and lead a life that is in harmony with our inner selves.

As we lean into this journey of self-discovery, it’s essential to acknowledge these roots, for they hold the key to understanding and eventually shedding the masks that conceal our true essence.

A mystical visage with intricate patterns in shades of deep blue, green, and purple symbolizes the authentic journey of self through psychedelic connection, with a solitary figure silhouetted against a cosmic backdrop, contemplating the vastness within

The Impact of Masking

Living behind masks has a ripple effect that extends far beyond our sense of self.

It affects our relationships, our ability to pursue our true passions, and our overall well-being. These masks can lead to feelings of isolation, as we’re never truly seen for who we are.

They can also strain relationships, as we’re not fully present or authentic with our loved ones.

Furthermore, living behind a mask can prevent us from pursuing our true desires and passions, leading to a life that feels unfulfilled and lacking in purpose.

This constant masking not only impacts our mental and emotional health but can also manifest in physical ways. Stress, anxiety, and a general sense of dissatisfaction are common.

As we continue to ignore our true selves, these symptoms can intensify, leading to more significant health issues.

Recognizing the impact of these masks is a critical step in beginning the journey to unmask and reconnect with our authentic selves.

Unveiling in ‘Journey Within’

In “Journey Within,” (my new eBook) I explore the journey of unmasking and reconnecting with our authentic selves. The book delves into the heart of what it means to live authentically and the courage it takes to embark on this journey.

“To find ourselves, we must be willing to confront and peel back the layers we’ve built around our hearts,” is a central theme of the book.

This process of unveiling is both challenging and deeply liberating, as it allows us to connect with the essence of who we truly are.

The book offers insights and practical guidance for those seeking to embrace this journey. It emphasizes the importance of honesty, self-compassion, and the willingness to face what we’ve hidden from ourselves.

Through foundational wisdom, reflections, and exercises, “Journey Within” serves as a guide for those ready to lean into the path to self-discovery and authentic living. It’s a journey that requires bravery, vulnerability, and an open heart, but the rewards are immeasurable – a life lived in truth and fulfillment.

Psychedelics and Foundational Self-Care

In the journey towards self-discovery, psychedelics, when used responsibly, can offer a unique and profound perspective.

Classic psychedelics like psilocybin, LSD, and ayahuasca have the potential to serve as powerful tools for introspection and healing. They can provide a mirror to our inner world, exposing the masks we wear and the reasons behind them.

My personal experience with ayahuasca was a pivotal moment in my journey, as it allowed me to see and understand aspects of myself that had been hidden for years.

However, it’s essential to approach psychedelics with care and respect.

They are not a magic solution but tools that, when combined with foundational self-care practices, can facilitate a deeper understanding of ourselves. Practices like mindfulness, meditation, foundational wellness and self-compassion lay the groundwork for a safe and transformative psychedelic experience.

These practices help us integrate the insights gained from psychedelics, allowing us to apply them to our everyday lives.

An authentic representation of transformation through psychedelics, featuring a meditative figure enveloped in a swirling, vibrant aura of blues, greens, and purples, symbolizing the profound change of inner self-discovery.

Integration: A Non-Negotiable Aspect

The journey with psychedelics doesn’t end with the experience itself; integration is a crucial part of the process. It’s the act of making sense of the insights gained during the experience and applying them to our daily lives.

This is why I offer my clients unlimited psychedelic integration support for 60-day after they journey, both virtually and in-person.

This allows me time to guide individuals through this delicate process.

Integration helps us understand and apply the lessons learned from psychedelics, ensuring that the experience leads to lasting change and growth. It’s about taking the insights and revelations from the psychedelic journey and weaving them into the fabric of our lives.

This support is vital in helping individuals navigate the changes and challenges that may arise post-experience.

It ensures that the journey with psychedelics is not just a fleeting moment of insight but a catalyst for lasting transformation and growth.

The Power of Community

On our path to authenticity, community becomes an invaluable resource.

A supportive community provides a safe space to explore different facets of ourselves and to share our journey with others who understand and empathize.

In spaces like Self-Love, Self-Care, and Psychedelics, and the Emerging Souls Collective Membership, we find a container where we can be seen, heard and celebrated for who we truly are.

Community offers a sense of belonging and connection, crucial elements in our journey to authenticity. It’s a place where we can experiment with different versions of ourselves, free from judgment and expectation.

The support and understanding of a community can be incredibly empowering, especially as we navigate the complexities of shedding our masks and embracing our true selves.

Standing in Authenticity

My journey led me to embrace my authenticity, which in turn guided me to my purpose. Creating Movements like The Emerging Soul and The Psychedelic Mama was a result of this journey.

These spaces are dedicated to supporting others in their path to authenticity, offering guidance, support and a community of like-minded individuals.

Living authentically is about more than just shedding the masks we wear; it’s about aligning with our soul’s purpose.

It’s a transformation that requires courage, self-awareness, and support.

The journey to authenticity is a path of discovery, healing and alignment with our true selves.

It’s about embracing every aspect of who we are and living a life that resonates with our deepest truths.

An image of an authentic transformation circle, where silhouetted human figures are interconnected by a radiant, psychedelic energy, depicting the profound communal journey of psychedelic enlightenment and personal metamorphosis.

The Role of Reflection

As you move through your journey to authenticity, take a moment to reflect on the masks you wear. Ask yourself what aspects of yourself you’ve been hiding and what you might discover if you allowed yourself to explore beyond the mask.

Consider the impact these masks have on your life and relationships.

Gabor Maté’s words resonate deeply on this journey: “True emotional healing doesn’t happen without feeling. The only way out is through, and the only way through is feeling.”

This quote highlights the importance of embracing our emotions and experiences as we journey towards authenticity. It’s a reminder that the path to self-discovery requires us to feel deeply and to confront the truths we’ve hidden from ourselves.


Our journey to authenticity is a path of uncovering, feeling, and embracing. It’s about shedding the masks we wear and reconnecting with the essence of who we are.

This journey is not always easy, but it is one of the most rewarding paths we can take.

It leads us to a life of truth, fulfillment and profound connection.

Join me in this exploration of self-discovery.

Connect with me on Facebook so I may witness you on your path to authenticity.

Together, we can navigate the journey to our true selves, one step at a time. 

“We are all just walking each other home.” – Ram Dass

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Until next time, may you be well.


Mirada Vires,

Mindful Psychedelic Integration Specialist & Guide, Reiki Healer, Holistic Wellness Mentor & Authenticity Advocate.

Miranda is a visionary psychedelic integration specialist and facilitator, committed to guiding individuals on their journey of self-discovery and healing. Since 2017, she has been at the forefront of combining traditional self-care practices with innovative psychedelic experiences.

 A mother of three and a passionate entrepreneur, Miranda’s unique approach is rooted in authenticity, compassion, and a deep understanding of the human psyche. Her work is not just about exploration but about creating safe, transformative spaces for growth, self-love, and sustainable change.

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