“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.” – Caroline Myss

Navigating Authentic Living and Psychedelic Healing

Welcome to The Emerging Soul, where authenticity meets psychedelic integration. Discover a path of profound healing and authentic living, empowered by the transformative power of psychedelics and holistic wellness.

Step into this space of self-discovery, where you can embrace your true self without judgment or limitations.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on psychedelic exploration, inner awakening retreats, Reiki chakra healing or holistic life navigation mapping, We are here to support you every step of the way. Join our vibrant community and unlock the secrets of self-love, care, and psychedelic wisdom. Integration is not optional.

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Welcome to a Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing

Hello and welcome! I’m Miranda and I am honored you are here. My journey has been one of deep transformation, from dancing with the darkest nights of my soul to finding a path of healing and self-acceptance. Now, I’m here to guide you on your own journey.

This space is more than a website; it’s a haven for those ready to lean into a profound journey of self-discovery. Whether you’re exploring the realms of psychedelic healing or seeking holistic wellness, you’ve found a place where you can be unapologetically yourself. My approach combines the transformative power of psychedelics with the grounding practices of Reiki and holistic foundations, tailored to support you in every step of your journey.

A Place for All

Here, there’s no judgment. There’s no ‘wrong’, ‘bad’, ‘broken’, ‘too much’ or ‘not enough.’ This is a space where every soul is celebrated for its unique journey. My expertise spans across various modalities, including a certification in Trauma and Psychological Safety, Transformational Nutrition and Psychedelic Integration. My mission is to be a resource, a guide and a journey companion on your path to authenticity.

As you navigate through this site, you’ll find resources, personal insights and ways we can work together. Remember, you’re not alone in this journey. I’m here to support you, whether you’re embracing psychedelics or simply seeking a more authentic way of living. Let’s embrace this adventure together, shedding the masks society has imposed and rediscovering the beauty of our true selves.

How I Support

Psychedelic & Integration Guidance

Lean into Your Psychedelic Journey – Curiosity, Courage, Integrate, Transform. Discover the power of mindful psychedelic exploration and receive expert guidance for profound personal insights and growth.

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Innner Awakening Immersion Retreats

Discover Your True Self, Align with Purpose. Join our Inner Awakening Retreats, available publicly and privately for a transformative journey toward authenticity and purpose.


Emerging Souls Collective Membership

A Transformative Community - Our tiered membership offers diverse support, from group connections to personalized guidance, including monthly Reiki, guest speakers, and quarterly mini-doses for self-discovery."


Reiki & Chakra Healing

Experience Reiki's healing alongside integration with body tracking and chakra mapping. Find balance and healing on a holistic journey that aligns your energy centers, fostering wellness in body and spirit.

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Self-Love, Self-Care & Psychedelics

Join our community for a journey of self-discovery, holistic wellness and exploring the transformative potential of psychedelics. Plus, enjoy free monthly integration calls for continued support and growth.

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Holistic Life Navigation Mapping

Navigate Life's Path – Find Balance, Clarity, and Purpose. Embrace a holistic approach to life's challenges and opportunities, guided by principles of authenticity and self-awareness.

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Miranda works in this capacity because she’s lived it. She understands the plants and she understands people. In my own experience she helped to shape things, but not put her stamp on it. She’s the right kind.


2022 Private Retreat & Microdosing Magic Mastermind

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The Psychology Around Mindset

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Crystals For The Emerging Woman

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Unlock the Secrets of Self-Love, Care and Psychedelic Wisdom

Lean into a transformative expansion with 'Journey Within.' This book is your guide to exploring the depths of self-love, holistic self-care, and the mindful use of psychedelics for personal growth.

Written by Miranda Vires, a trained and experienced psychedelic facilitator and integration specialist, 'Journey Within' offers insightful, compassionate guidance for anyone seeking to rediscover their true self and embrace a life of authenticity and healing.