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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a simple yet powerful modality that can induce relaxation, speed up healing, reduce pain and help manage many other physical, mental and spiritual ailments.  

REI=Spiritual Wisdom

KI=Life Force Energy

Reiki is a unique form of Ki. It is supported by spiritual consciousness, and is defined as spiritually guided life energy. It is guided by it’s own wisdom, rather than requiring direction of myself, as a practitioner.

I am the conduit by which the Spiritual Wisdom heals, unblocks and aligns the life force energy.

How Does Reiki Help?

Reiki is a relaxing way to re-align with our eternal life force, enabling us to live a more balanced holistic life.

Balance is where we find strength. Strength is where we heal in mind, body, heart and soul.

This all has a positive impact on your entire existence.


Why Reiki?

In order to live we need to have energy (”life force”).

By observing our energy levels, we can notice where our energy comes from and how well we manage it.

Most humans do not come here knowing how to manage their life energy.  

Traditionally most do not give it any thought at all.

Consequently, we tend to overspend, mismanage or even lose energy.

Ultimately depleting our life force.

When we are running on low energy it tends to manifest itself as problems and we experience dis-ease in the body, mind, heart and/or soul.

Benefits include: 

Increased energy & compassion  relaxation, improved life flow & authenticity, stress & anxiety relief, overall healing, relaxation, sense of balance & ease and strengthen your energetic body.


♥ Did you know that Reiki is currently being used in over 15% (or 800) of American hospitals, as stated by The American Hospital Association?




"I felt a weight was lifted off of my chest after one session with Miranda. She was spot on talking about what I was experiencing without me even saying one word. I would 100% recommend Miranda for Reiki!"


"Miranda is a good listener, asks questions that make you think about yourself and gives tips that you can integrate immediately. Together, we're looking at several aspects of my life such as habits, stress, goals and nutrition. It's all about self-care, and Miranda is doing a great job supporting me on this journey! I feel safe to share anything that comes to mind, I feel heard and understood. If you're struggling with anything in your life and you feel you need someone to stand beside you, I'd definitely recommend Miranda as a coach."


"As a healer myself, I can say she is the real deal. She's amazing! Definitely worth a visit!!"


"Miranda has been my life coach for over 3 months now. She has become my safe place. Someone I can tell everything to. She is making this battle against postpartum easier. Her personality just make it easy to love her."


"At first I was nervous because I never done this before and I wasnt sure what to expect but I am excited to see what my next session holds. I was really impressed with how much stress was lifted off me when I went to my first session I wasnt sure of how I was supposed to feel at first but once I cleared my mind and relaxed I felt at peace."


"Relaxing, soothing, healing experience…Great Energy!"


"Miranda was very professional, thorough with her assessment, and provided a calming atmosphere. I would recommend her services highly!"