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Certified Life Coach Certified Transformational Nutrition Specialist

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Reprogram your mind.

Reconnect with your body.

Realign with your heart.


Helping You Find Yourself With Personalized Life Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?


  • If you didn’t feel broken, lost and/or alone?
  • If you could be yourself in any situation, rather than who you are expected to be?
  • To be the master of your emotions vs a prisoner to them?
  • If you had a handle on your relationship with boundaries – and knew how to enforce them?
  • To create a life team of people who will keep you going at those moments you feel like giving up.

What Is  Coaching?

Is coaching like therapy?

Coaching guides you through a journey of resetting, rebalancing and restructuring your life. It is an opportunity of to create the life you want to live. You will receive valuable tools, resources and will be supported throughout.

Although my training at The Institute of Transformational Nutrition included psychology and spirituality, I am not a licensed therapist.

If at anytime your circumstances go beyond my scope of practice, I will support you in getting proper treatment

What can I expect from you as my Coach?
  • I will honor and hold your vision – even when you lose sight of it.
  • I will challenge you when needed – after years of cyclical behavior – old habits will die hard. We will uncover these and empower you to change the story.
  • I will hold space for your journey – I’m on your team and my goal is to see you succeed.
  • I will be honest – even if it’s difficult or uncomfortable, I will always be straight with you.
  • Personalized Protocols – we are all individuals and our healing needs are as unique. Together we will create the perfect plan that will work for you.
  • To maintain confidentiality – at times this work can be difficult, and bring up personal things. Keeping your private life confidential is a given. In addition, my client database, Better Practice is HIPPA compliant.
What is expected of me as your client?
  • First and foremost – be yourself always, and always be honest.
  • Maintain an open mind, be willing to brainstorm new ideas and be open to feedback.
  • Be ready to take action, come to sessions prepared and on time.
  • Breathe. Love yourself where you are. Making change from that place, versus one of judgment, can make all the difference. Don’t worry, I am here to help you with this one!
Will you "fix" me?

Well love, you are not broken, and part of what we will do is help you believe that.

You need to be committed to making the changes that will support the life you are looking for. I can empower you, support you, move you to greatness, but I can’t do the work for you. 

You are here because the discomfort of not making a change, now outweighs that of changing – you are ready to feel whole! I am here to guide you along the way.

What qualifies you to be a Coach?

‘,Great Question!

In addition to navigating the healing of my own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dis-ease, I am a Certified Transformational Nutrition Specialist.

What is that you ask?

This is a certification only obtained through the prestigious Institute of Transformational Nutrition. Here we are taught a revolutionary method of coaching, by the industry leaders, that sets us apart from the standard.

Only CTNCs are trained in the comprehensive Transformational Nutrition Model – providing personalized plans. These plans dive deep into physical health, emotional wellness and spiritual connection.

Pairing this education with 24-weeks of mindful meditation training, a life coach certification, being a licensed reiki practitioner, my addiction to learning new modalities and my spirit plant medicine journeys, left me with many gifts to use serving others.

Working with a CTNC, like me, will take you on a journey of complete mind, body and soul transformation.


  • Prioritize the self-care, self-love and self-compassion that will fuel your transformation.

  • Be prepared, physically and mentally, when stress comes up – and it will.

  • Love the skin you’re in

  • Find joy in the life you live.

  • Embrace acceptance

So You Can Have Health, Happiness & Ease to Move Forward, With Passion, Towards Your Souls Purpose.

RENEE - 8/2021

"I felt a weight was lifted off of my chest after one session with Miranda. She was spot on talking about what I was experiencing without me even saying one word. I would 100% recommend Miranda for Reiki!"

LIZA - 8/2021

"Miranda is a good listener, asks questions that make you think about yourself and gives tips that you can integrate immediately. Together, we're looking at several aspects of my life such as habits, stress, goals and nutrition. It's all about self-care, and Miranda is doing a great job supporting me on this journey! I feel safe to share anything that comes to mind, I feel heard and understood. If you're struggling with anything in your life and you feel you need someone to stand beside you, I'd definitely recommend Miranda as a coach."

TARA - 8/2021

"As a healer myself, I can say she is the real deal. She's amazing! Definitely worth a visit!!"

ALYSSA - 8/2021

"Miranda has been my life coach for over 3 months now. She has become my safe place. Someone I can tell everything to. She is making this battle against postpartum easier. Her personality just make it easy to love her."

CINDY - 8/2021

"At first I was nervous because I never done this before and I wasnt sure what to expect but I am excited to see what my next session holds. I was really impressed with how much stress was lifted off me when I went to my first session I wasnt sure of how I was supposed to feel at first but once I cleared my mind and relaxed I felt at peace."

AMANDA - 7/2021

"Relaxing, soothing, healing experience…Great Energy!"

MONICA - 11/2020

"Miranda was very professional, thorough with her assessment, and provided a calming atmosphere. I would recommend her services highly!"

Psychedelic Support

Safe support for  your expansive experiences.

Reiki Healing

Unblock, rebalance & realigne your energetic body.

Life Coaching

You don't have to navigate anything on your own.

About Me

I am a woman on the same journey as you – navigating this crazy, chaotic, yet beautiful gift of life.

My journey includes managing and overcoming: depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, chronic pain, ankylosing spondylitis, buried traumas, emotional eating, and addictions – without the use of harmful medications.

A journey that has taken me from suicidal, to sacred spaces in other countries, and to the depths of my soul.

All this while being a stay-at-home-mom raising three little humans!

My service to the world is empowering women to overcome the obstacles holding them back from living an authentic life, full of passion, health, happiness, and ease..

The world needs more calm, peace, and love. As women on this planet – this change begins within each and every one of us.