My journey with depression, anxiety, ADHD and chronic pain, as well as the “medicine” used to “treat” them – almost pushed me to end my life.

Now I know that they were beacons letting me know I was not living in alignment with who I came here to be.


Thank You For Being Here.

My name is Miranda Vires, Life Coach, Reiki Healer and Psychedelic Support Guide.

My intention is to guide you through transformation, empowering you to find the life full of passion, health, happiness and ease that you desperatly desire.

You may feel like you do not recognize yourself anymore – and your mind, body, heart and soul are suffering.

Not to mention every other aspect of your life!

 I Have Been There My Friend

Trying to Figure Out Exactly When the Depression Began is Impossible. I was Never Comfortable With Myself. Never Felt Good Enough.

It is a hard job to be a human. We have so much pressure to be everything to everyone that we forget about ourselves.

We let ourselves go and when we look up we realize we are unhealthy, miserable, and we are clueless who the hell we really are anymore.

Often this is accompanied by poor self-esteem, lack of motivation, and a ton of anxiety.

You may feel completely alone in this – you are not.

My Journey Begins – At The End of My Rope

I’ll be honest, I lost myself for a while and I was not sure how to recover – only that I had to for myself and my family.

I have always struggled with mood issues, impulsiveness and very little self compassion, but these issues seemed to intensify after my 3rd son, Eli was born. Severe Depression sunk in, I was scatter-brained and angry at the world. I felt like I was totally failing.

Here I had a great life and I had no idea how to enjoy it.

Instead I felt like I was drowning in it.

And the best solution I could come up with was ending my life.

ADHD, depression and anxiety led to a cocktail of prescriptions that left me more depressed, more anxious and even angrier.

And that was on top of the pain and anti-inflammatory medications for an un-diagnosed back issue (later diagnosed as ankylosing spondylitis).

I Had Hit Rock Bottom and Was Staring Down A Choice That Would Change Everything. Live? or Not?

If things were going to keep going the way they were – my family was better off without me. This I was sure of. But deep down I knew that was not me thinking – it was the unbalanced chemistry, the untrue constructs I had created and the unprocessed trauma growing wild within my body and bio-field.

I Knew There Had To Be Better Ways To Feel Better, Without a Cocktail of Prescriptions!

There was one wellness center I found in town. I signed up for a 12-week coaching program that focused on what I was eating and provided a personal trainer.

It still BLOWS my mind how quickly I shifted in a positive direction.

I felt so much BETTER by just cutting out the crap and adding exercise.

My energy returned, I slept better, depression lifted, and I could focus on what was important to me.


As my story goes, that healthy lifestyle was short lived. Once my program ended I was backtracking quickly and feeling it.

I was given tools to eat better and some great workout options, but something was missing.

How could I know what I was SUPPOSED to do, but I not how to get my myself to cooperate?

The problem was that there wasn’t anyone I could turn to for guidance and support.

It became my mission to educate myself about natural wellness, get myself on the path to healing and then help other women who were wondering how in the hell they are going to make it through another day!

Let the Educating Begin

After a lot of soul searching, I decided to enroll at the Institute of Transformational Nutrition.

“Transformational Nutrition is a method that combines science, psychology, and spirituality to allow us to eat consciously, cleanse our bodies and our minds, and liberate ourselves from our struggle with food so we can live authentically, gracefully, and free.”

I completely resonated with the founder Cynthia Pasquella, and knew she had the answers I was looking for.

This program did not disappoint.

My education, experience, and growth has gone beyond my ongoing time learning from world-class industry leaders at ITN, and continues even today.

In addition, I have…

    • taken 24-weeks of Mindful Meditation training through Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness – including Mindful Based Stress Reduction and Mindful Self-Compassion.
    • become a certified Life Coach thorough Transformation Academy.
    • have attuned for Usui Reiki 1 & 2 and Holy Fire® 3 by Echo Fusion Healing Arts, and working on becoming a Reiki Master.
    • completed in-depth course on Microdosing Psychedelics (LSD, Wachuma & Psilocybin) with Third Wave.
    • received certification in Moonology through Yasmin Boland.
    • IN PROGRESS: Master Condor Coach program for certification in Psychedelic Facilitation with Kole and Tah Whitty, and the Psychedelic Space Program.

These skills have been crucial during my healing journey – and the way I approach all areas of life.


Even after ITN, there was still something holding me back from who I knew I was.

There was a calling – a calling to emerge from within.

This led me to the sacred plant medicines, Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Peyote & Psilocybin

How I found these medicines is a story for another day.

Just know that they have been the catalyst tool that led me to awaken to myself, my intuitive abilities, my healing powers & the life path I was destined for.

And as my business evolves – psychedelics will be playing a HUGE part. 




We are beings with three key parts – body, mind and soul.

My journey through life has taught me that optimal health and happiness can only be reached when all three of these areas are well cared for and balanced. And in the balance is the passion for life we are seeking.

If you are looking for some inspiration to fuel your awakening, join our Tribe.

If you are ready to reprogram your mind, reconnect with what your body is trying to tell you, realign you heart with your passions and reawaken your soul to who you desire to be – SCHEDULE YOUR STRATEGY SESSION TODAY – with our without psychedelics – I am here to help walk you home.


"I felt a weight was lifted off of my chest after one session with Miranda. She was spot on talking about what I was experiencing without me even saying one word. I would 100% recommend Miranda for Reiki!"


"Miranda is a good listener, asks questions that make you think about yourself and gives tips that you can integrate immediately. Together, we're looking at several aspects of my life such as habits, stress, goals and nutrition. It's all about self-care, and Miranda is doing a great job supporting me on this journey! I feel safe to share anything that comes to mind, I feel heard and understood. If you're struggling with anything in your life and you feel you need someone to stand beside you, I'd definitely recommend Miranda as a coach."


"As a healer myself, I can say she is the real deal. She's amazing! Definitely worth a visit!!"


"Miranda has been my life coach for over 3 months now. She has become my safe place. Someone I can tell everything to. She is making this battle against postpartum easier. Her personality just make it easy to love her."


"At first I was nervous because I never done this before and I wasnt sure what to expect but I am excited to see what my next session holds. I was really impressed with how much stress was lifted off me when I went to my first session I wasnt sure of how I was supposed to feel at first but once I cleared my mind and relaxed I felt at peace."


"Relaxing, soothing, healing experience…Great Energy!"


"Miranda was very professional, thorough with her assessment, and provided a calming atmosphere. I would recommend her services highly!"