Upcoming Sessions & Retreats

Welcome to your sanctuary of growth and self-discovery. Explore our upcoming group sessions and healing retreats, carefully crafted to guide you on a transformative journey within. Whether you seek energy healing, wisdom or community, I am here to empower you along the path to authenticity and inner awakening. 

Welcome to Your Sanctuary of Self-Discovery

Step into a space where authenticity reigns, and your journey back to your true self begins. At The Emerging Soul, we’re passionate about creating safe and nurturing containers for humans to embrace their inner (and sometimes outer) work. Here, you’ll find a community dedicated to your well-being, offering a blend of both free and paid opportunities to reach more souls.

Why We’re Here: Our commitment is rooted in a profound belief that every soul deserves a sanctuary—a place where masks fall away, where curiosity ignites, courage flourishes, and transformation unfolds. We’ve walked the path of self-discovery ourselves, and we understand the importance of a safe and supportive environment on this journey.

You’re not alone on this path. Join our nurturing community as we embrace the expansive journey of self-discovery together.


🖤Welcome to The Emerging Soul.


Soulful Sundays: Your Space for Growth and Connection

Join us on the last Sunday of each month for our Soulful Sundays via Zoom – a free virtual gathering where heartfelt sharing and genuine community support come together. These sessions are a haven, welcoming everyone, whether you’re exploring psychedelics or navigating the complexities of life.

Facilitating with Empathy and Authenticity: As your guide in these sessions, I stand alongside you, not as an authority, but as a fellow traveler on life’s journey. My role is to facilitate a space where you can freely express yourself, share your experiences, and find support from a community that truly understands and cares.

Monthly Themes for Real-Life Application: We delve into practical themes, offering tools, techniques, and insights that you can apply in your daily life. Expect interactive discussions, journaling prompts, and reflective questions that foster personal insight and growth, especially designed for busy professionals and seekers of balance.

Convenient and Engaging: Understanding your busy schedule, we keep our sessions concise yet enriching. Our two-hour gatherings are structured to ensure meaningful participation without overwhelming your day.

Privacy and Trust: In our circle, confidentiality is paramount. We create a secure space where you can be vulnerable and authentic, which is why we don’t offer replays. What’s shared here stays here.

Join Us in Community and Growth:

To be part of our next Soulful Sunday, simply register for the upcoming session. You’ll receive all the necessary details, resources, and thematic information in your confirmation email.

These sessions are my commitment to fostering a supportive, empathetic, and authentic community. Here, you’re not just attending a session; you’re becoming part of a community that values and nurtures real human connections.

Ready to Join Us?:

We’re excited to welcome you to our next Soulful Sunday. Your participation is not just valued; it’s essential to the richness of our community’s experience.


February 25  4:30pm EST

Reframing Perspectives: Embracing Love and Compassion



March 31  4:30pm EST

Grounding Techniques for Spring Renewal



April 28  4:30pm EST

Cultivating Joy and Creativity



Awaken Within, Thrive Together: Our Collective Retreats

Our Inner Immersion Retreats are more than just events; they are sacred journeys into self-discovery and transformation. Spanning 5 nights, these retreats offer a serene and nourishing environment for deep introspection and growth. Unless noted otherwise, each retreat includes:

  • Nourishing Meals: Fuel your body and soul with wholesome meals and snacks.
  • Sacred Psilocybin Sessions: Experience two transformative psilocybin sessions guided by experienced experts.
  • Reiki Healing: Immerse in the profound healing power of Reiki, enhancing your transformative experience.
  • Expert Support: Access round-the-clock support from our trained facilitators, integration specialists, and Reiki practitioners.
  • Daily Integration Circles: Connect and process your experiences in daily circles.
  • Guided Meditations: Deepen your introspection and mindfulness through guided meditation.
  • Ample Personal Time: Enjoy sufficient time for rest, reset, and processing your journey.
  • Comprehensive Post-Retreat Support: Benefit from a free consultation, an onboarding session, a retreat guidebook, and 60 days of unlimited post-retreat support, including scheduled calls and text assistance.

Authentic Facilitation and Continuous Support

I guide each retreat with an approach rooted in authenticity and the creation of a safe, trauma-informed space. Recognizing that true healing requires time, I ensure ample opportunities for both group discussions and one-on-one support, available 24/7 during the retreat, followed by 60 days of extended support.

Fostering Deep Connections and Community

Our retreats naturally cultivate a deep sense of community. As participants navigate profound experiences, they form bonds through shared vulnerability and understanding. This connection extends beyond the retreat into our private community, offering a space for continued connection and support.

Nurturing Emotional Well-Being

Throughout the retreat, emotional support is always at hand, catering to your needs in both group settings and personal conversations. My focus is on providing a safe space for you to explore and integrate your emotional journey.

What’s Next: Your Journey of Transformation

Feeling called to this transformative experience? Begin with a complimentary consultation to align our retreat with your path, ensuring a deeply personalized and supportive experience. Our retreats are designed with your well-being in mind, perfect for those new to deep healing work or revisiting it.

Investing in Your Journey

We offer flexible payment plans and occasional partial scholarships, thanks to our community’s generosity. These options ensure that financial considerations do not hinder your transformation.

Begin Your Transformation

Schedule your consultation, explore your options, and embark on a journey that extends beyond a retreat – into a continuous process of healing and growth.

Tailored Retreats: Your Customized Path to Healing

For those seeking a more intimate or bespoke retreat experience, I offer personalized options for both individual and group retreats. These customized retreats are designed to align perfectly with your unique needs and preferences, ensuring a deeply personal journey of transformation.

1:1 Private Retreats:

Ideal for those who prefer privacy or a more focused approach, these retreats are tailored to your comfort level, from the number of days to the nature of sessions. Whether it’s about having a retreat at a specific location or requiring my presence only for key sessions and support, each aspect is customized to create a safe space for your profound self-expression and growth.

Private Group Retreats

Run similarly to our standard retreats, these group experiences are perfect for friends, families, or teams seeking a collective journey of healing and connection. The emphasis is on community, self-connection, and taking a break from the demands of life, all within a familiar and supportive group setting.

Start Your Customized Retreat Journey

Ready for a retreat that’s crafted just for you or your group? Begin with a consultation to discuss how we can tailor every aspect of the retreat to meet your specific desires. Whether for deep personal transformation or fostering group bonds, these retreats offer an opportunity to reset and reconnect in a way that resonates with you.

[Schedule your Customized Retreat Consultation here.]

Customized retreats provide a unique space for healing, reflection, and growth, tailored to your journey. Let’s create an experience that truly reflects your path to wellbeing.


March 20 – 27

Ancestral Awakenings Inner Immersion Retreat.



June 26 – July 1

Outdoor Awakenings Inner Immersion Retreat.



July 21 – 26

Pennsylvania Awakenings Inner Immersion Retreat.



ReikiShifts: Your Path to Peace and Connection

Imagine dedicating a Sunday every month to your well-being.

That’s what ReikiShifts is all about. For just $47, join me in a journey where traditional Reiki healing meets the comfort of your home, bringing you a sense of peace that goes beyond the physical.

What’s Reiki Anyway?

Think of Reiki as a helping hand for your inner energy. It’s an ancient practice that helps reduce stress and promotes healing, not just in your body, but in your mind and spirit too. It’s about tapping into a life force that rejuvenates and balances you.

Heal Yourself, Help Others

When you join ReikiShifts, you’re not just looking after yourself. Half of your fee supports the Alivia Sky Scholarship Fund, helping others access this healing journey.

Relax, Reflect, Reconnect

Each online session lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours. It’s your ‘me time’ – no distractions, just you, soothing music, and guided meditation that leads you to self-reflection and a chance to share your thoughts with like-minded individuals if you choose.

Healing That Knows No Bounds

In these sessions, I, along with other Reiki practitioners when available, will send healing energy that reaches you wherever you are. You don’t need to be ‘logged in’ to feel the benefits – that’s the beauty of Reiki.

Always a Safe Place

Missed a session? No worries, you can catch up with replays. Here, you’re in a safe space to share and heal at your own pace.

Need More Personalized Care?

If you’re looking for a one-on-one session, I offer that too. These personalized sessions come with 33 days of support to help you integrate the Reiki experience into your life.

[Schedule your personalized session here.]

How to Join

It’s easy – just click “Register” for the session you want to join. You’ll get all the details via email, along with reminders. Whether you’re exploring Reiki for the first time or you’re familiar with its wonders, these sessions are your haven of calm and clarity.

I can’t wait to welcome you to our next session. Let’s embark on this journey of rejuvenation and connection together.


March 3  5pm EST

Embracing Passion – The Sacral Chakra

Part 2 of 8 – Reiki & Chakras: A Journey of Healing Energy Series



April 7  5pm EST

Igniting Power – The Solar Plexus Chakra

Part 3 of 8 – Reiki & Chakras: A Journey of Healing Energy Series



MiniSHIFTS: A Journey of Enhanced Healing

Join me every third Sunday of the month for MiniSHIFTS, a unique experience that combines Reiki’s calming energy with the subtle power of a mini dose of psilocybin. Designed to deepen your healing journey, MiniSHIFTS offers insights and balance that transcend everyday experiences.

Gentle Yet Profound

We blend the soothing power of Reiki with a mini dose of psilocybin, enhancing introspective journeys and emotional and spiritual healing in a safe, controlled environment.

Convenience for Your Busy Lifestyle

 Understanding the demands of your busy schedule, MiniSHIFTS sessions are structured to offer profound healing without taking up your entire day. The sessions and follow-up support are designed to seamlessly integrate into your life, making it easier for you to commit to your personal growth and well-being.

Extended Support for Your Journey

Each session, slightly longer than standard ReikiShifts, allows you to immerse fully in this unique experience. You’ll receive 14 days of unlimited chat support post-session and have access to discounted 1:1 sessions for more personalized care.

Your Safe Space for Growth

Whether you’re new to this path or deepening your practice, MiniSHIFTS provides a nurturing environment for exploration and growth.

Starting Your MiniSHIFTS Experience:

Begin with a free 30-minute consultation to ensure MiniSHIFTS aligns with your needs. This initial conversation sets the foundation for a transformative experience tailored to you.

Guidance on Supplements*

Receive knowledgeable guidance on safe sourcing for psilocybin supplements, ensuring a responsible and informed approach to your healing journey.

Schedule Your Consultation:

Ready to start your journey with MiniSHIFTS? Click below to book your consultation. MiniSHIFTS promises relaxation, profound insights, and a balanced life, all fitting conveniently into your schedule.

I’m excited to guide you through each step of this transformative experience in MiniSHIFTS.

1:1 MiniSHIFTS Sessions – Tailored Just for You

For a more personalized MiniSHIFTS experience, consider our 1:1 sessions. These include a 30-minute free consultation, a post-integration support session, and 30 days of unlimited chat support, offering a comprehensive, customized healing journey.

[Schedule your 1:1 MiniSHIFTS session here.] 

*We do not supply due to legal restrictions and our love for freedom 😉


April 20  5pm EST

Elevated Awakening: A Special 4/20 MiniSHIFTs Journey



July 20  5pm EST

Fiery Transformation: Igniting Personal Power



October 19  5pm EST

Deep Roots: Strengthening Foundations



December 28  5pm EST

Gratitude and Release: Closing the Year


Collaborative Events & Opportunities

Collaborative Events and Opportunities: Curated for Your Growth

Welcome to a specially curated space where I share events that I personally endorse, believe in, and sometimes collaborate on. These events and opportunities resonate with the heart of The Emerging Soul, chosen for their alignment with our mission of authentic and transformative healing.

Handpicked for Your Journey:

Each event here, be it a workshop, retreat, or a unique healing session, is selected for its potential to enhance your journey. They offer diverse avenues for personal growth, emotional healing, and spiritual exploration, mirroring the core values of our community.

My Personal Touch in Each Collaboration:

I’m either directly involved in these collaborations or trustfully endorse them. They reflect our shared dedication to authenticity, well-being, and transformative experiences.

Navigating Our Recommendations:

  • Trusted Selections: Rest assured, each event holds up to the high standards of The Emerging Soul.
  • External Links: Clicking ‘Next Step’ might take you to other sites for more details. We ensure these links are safe, although they take you outside The Emerging Soul’s domain.

Discover New Horizons:

We keep this section updated with fresh, exciting opportunities. Stay connected for various events that offer new perspectives and deeper insights into your path of healing and self-discovery.

[Curious a Collaboration? CLICK HERE to schedule a Collaboration Exploration session.]

Join these handpicked experiences to expand your horizons in ways that align with your pursuit of balance, healing, and authentic living.


February 5  5pm – 7pm EST

Yang Wood Dragon 5 Element Integration Workshop

Offered by Amy Bachhuber with Be Swell Wellness



Collective Enlightenment: Your Path to Community-Driven Growth

Welcome to “Collective Enlightenment: Your Path to Community-Driven Growth.” Here, we recognize that personal growth is not a solitary journey, but one enriched and amplified by the power of collective energy. As each of us navigates our unique paths of expansion and contraction, it becomes evident that together, we can ascend to new heights of understanding and transformation.

In this space, we honor the dynamic ebb and flow of personal development, understanding that each phase of our journey — whether it’s an expansion into new realms of consciousness or a contraction as we delve into deeper self-reflection — is vital for our growth. By connecting with others who share our quest for enlightenment, we find strength, perspective, and a sense of belonging.

Our community-driven programs are designed to foster this collective wisdom. From the nurturing environment of the Emerging Soul Collective Membership to the profound depths of the Reiki & Chakra Package, and the transformative journey of the MiniSHIFT Year Package, each offering is an invitation to not just grow individually, but to contribute to and benefit from the collective energy of a supportive community.

Here, you are not alone. You are part of a vibrant collective, each member contributing their unique light to a tapestry of shared growth and enlightenment. Join us in embracing the power of community as we journey together towards expansive horizons and deeper self-discovery.

Embrace a Year of Transformation

Unlock a year of profound transformation with our MiniSHIFTS series: personal growth, unlimited support, exclusive discounts, and a journey tailored to your unique path to wellbeing. 

Emerging Souls Collective Membership

Explore transformative healing with our unique membership: embrace Reiki, psychedelics and personal growth in a container dedicated to authenticity and profound life changes.

Join My Private Group